September/October 2023

Front Entrance to the Scottish Rite Temple in Miami, Florida with Title "Explore Miami with The Masonic Traveler"


In this magazine:


  • A. Elias, “Celebrating the Tercentenary of the 1723 Constitutions of the Free-Masons”
  • M. Szramoski, “Guaranteed Stability in Turbulent Times”
  • D. Alban, “Leadership Conferences—Save the Date!”
  • J. Marples, Old Dues Cards and Petitions Tell Our Masonic Life
  • M. Bowers, “Behind the New Podcast on DeMolay Founder Frank S. Land”
  • J. Bozeman, “The Masonic Themes of Science Fiction Writer Robert A. Heinlein”
  • S. Karatas, “Br. Irving Berlin: A Patriotic and Holiday Musical Icon”
  • K. Peterson, “Not My Ring”
  • L. Walsh, “The Foundations of Our Best Effort”


  • J. Cole, Grand Commander’s Message, “Perspectives”
  • M. Dreisonstok, The Masonic Traveler, “The Masonic Traveler Visits Miami”
  • M. Dreisonstok & J. Bozeman, Cornerstones of the Craft, “Carl H. Claudy: The Grand Master Who Took Us to the Stars!”
  • T. Simpkins, M. Dreisonstok, & C. Dreisonstok, Chips from the Quarry, “European Literary Giants Who Were Masons”
  • Current Interest
  • P. Roup, Notes from the Northern Light, “You’ve Got to Move Your Feet: One Brother’s Experience at the Ukrainian Border”
  • A. de Hoyos, Temple Museum Highlight, “’Our Wine Has a Spring’: 19th-century Drinking Glass”
  • A. Hammer, From the Pages of Amicus Illuminismi, “’The Patriarchs:’ Joseph Fort Newton and the Contemplation of Wisdom in a ‘New Age'”
  • W. Parks, Book Reviews, “Suggestions & Solutions”
  • C. Dreisonstok, Masonic Puzzle, “From Mozart to Berlin: Masonic Composers Word Search”