September/October 2022

Br. Gary Norman and an inset photo of his service dog Bowie with the title, "Navigating the East and Masonic Symbolism with Br. Gary Norman, 32° (and 'Brother' Bowie")


In this magazine:


  • M. Edwards, “Past Master with Paws?”
  • G. Norman, “Intersecting the Beehive and the 47th Problem of Euclid for Life”
  • M. Bruffy, “Appalachian State University’s Donations from Scottish Rite Exceed $2,000,000”
  • S. Karatas, “Benjamin Franklin, the ‘Electric’ Eclectic”
  • M. Bowers, “From the Pages to a Podcast: The Weekly Scottish Rite Journal Podcast Returns”
  • B. Rickman, “The Albert Mackey Petition: A Rediscovered Treasure”
  • P. Bonner, “Staring Down Saturn”
  • S. Jaquith, “Elliott Speer Barker: Frontiersman, Conservationist, Mason, and Adoptive Father of ‘Smokey Bear'”
  • M. C. Lee, “A Masonic Apron at the Titanic Museum, Branson, Mo.”


  • Grand Commander’s Message, J. Cole, “Stain or Paint?”
  • The Masonic Traveler, J. Dunn, “A Masonic Visit to Pre-war Ukraine”
  • Chips from the Quarry, M. Dreisonstok & T. Simpkins, “Famous Doctors Who Were Masons”
  • Current Interest
  • Notes from The Northern Light
  • Temple Museum Highlight, A. de Hoyos, “United States Capitol Senate Door Panel”
  • Cornerstones of the Craft, L. Walsh, “Clausen’s Commentaries on Morals & Dogma
  • From the Pages of Amicus, B. C. Ruli, “The Philosophy of the Masonic Apron
  • Book Reviews, W. Parks & M. Nicholas, “The Masonic Past and the Masonic Present”
  • Masonic Puzzle, E. McCarthy, “The “Knightly” Rose Croix”