Media & Graphics Requests

Detail of the 32°, Master of the Royal Secret, oil painting in the Hall of Scottish Rite Regalia at the House of the Temple in Washington, DC (Painting by Robert H. White, 32°)

Photography & Filming at the House of the Temple

Visitors are welcome to take photographs of the House of the Temple for personal use only.

Any photography for non-personal use—non-profit or commercial—and ANY filming at the House of the Temple must be approved in advance in writing by the Grand Archivist and Grand Historian (see Media Inquiries).

Media Inquiries

Please direct all media inquiries to:
Grand Archivist and Grand Historian
[email protected]

Graphics Requests

Scottish Rite/Historical Photographs & Prints

Please visit our Photographic Services & Requests page.

Logos & Illustrations

Many drawings and logos are available from the Scottish Rite, SJ, in both black & white and color. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Official Logos (32° & 33° Scottish Rite, SJ, Eagles; RiteCare SRCLP; VMAP)
  • Scottish Rite Degree jewels & regalia
  • Square & Compasses emblem
  • House of the Temple logo

Depending on the terms of use and type of image, some of the graphics are available free, and some will require a fee. Please note that certain images may be approved for use by Scottish Rite Valleys (chapters) and dues-current members only.

To request graphics, please submit the following request form: