May/June 2023

"'The Abduction from the Seraglio' Revisiting “Mozart’s Other Masonic Opera.” Emily Casey and Peter Burroughs perform in the 2023 Bel Cantanti Opera production of Br. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s "The Abduction from the Seraglio." Photography: Alexander Suvorov


In this magazine:


  • Invitation to the 2023 Biennial Session
  • M. Edwards, “Masons and Friends from Far and Wide Celebrate Rededication of GWMNM’s Cornerstone”
  • M. Dreisonstok, “The Abduction from the Seraglio: Revisiting ‘Mozart’s Other Masonic Opera’”
  • M. C. Lee, “Duel at Buena Vista, 1847”
  • B. C. Ruli, “Restoring Scottish Rite Pictorial History in Washington, D.C.”
  • J. Greene, “A Complicated Enlightenment: The Empress Catherine, the Grand Duke Paul, and the Russian Freemasons”
  • T. Repp, “Humanity and Charity: The Symbol of the Pelican in the Knight Rose Croix Degree”


  • J. Cole, Grand Commander’s Message, “Reflections”
  • M. Szramoski, Rebuilding the Temple Campaign, “Rebuilding the Temple Today”
  • J. Corbett, Masonic Traveler, “The Benjamin Franklin House, London: An English Home to One of America’s foremost Sons”
  • J. Bozeman, From the Pages of Amicus Illuminismi, “Preserving Masonry on Microfilm: Supporting a ‘Must Have’ Format of Yesteryear for Archives and Libraries”
  • T. Simpkins, S. B. Morris, J. Mongardini, & C. Dreisonstok, Chips from the Quarry, “Pharmacist Freemasons and Soft Drinks”
  • Current Interest
  • P. J. Roup, Notes from the Northern Light, “Beyond the Quarry: Labors of Love, (Hiram’s) Riders on the Storm”
  • A. de Hoyos & R. Hutchens, House of the Temple Museum Highlight, “French Rose Croix Apron”
  • L. Walsh, Cornerstones of the Craft, “Transmuting Words into Gold? English Romantic Poet P.B. Shelley and his ‘Rosicrucian’”
  • M. Smith & J. Mongardini, Book Reviews, “Traveling to Ancient Egypt and along the Mason’s Path”
  • Masonic Puzzle, “The Knights Templar in Art, Games, Movies, and Novels”