IRA Gifts

How Your IRA Can Support Scottish Rite Charities

What Is an IRA Gift?

IRA gifts (often referred to as IRA charitable rollovers or Qualified Charitable Distributions) are tax-wise gifts from your retirement savings to support our Scottish Rite charities.

Generally speaking, IRA gifts are always tax-free, whether or not you itemize deductions on your return.

IRA gifts are mutually beneficial gifts because they can:

  • Reduce your future tax burden;
  • Help you meet your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD);
  • Create an immediate impact for those we serve.

Key Qualifications for IRA Giving

AGE Must be 70.5 or older
RMD Must take RMD if you’re 72+

How to Get Started

By using the free online resource below, you can calculate your RMD, learn more about your potential savings, and get started on your gift to support our Scottish Rite charities. It makes it easy to access your custodian’s necessary forms and does not require you to input any sensitive security information. Most of our supporters find the process to take 10 minutes or less!

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