July/August 2023

Detail of Ill. Sam Welty’s mural "The Pony Express and Beyond" (2016) in St. Joseph, Missouri, featuring a Pony Express rider on horseback


In this magazine:


  • J. Marples, “A 14° Mason Who Made a Difference: President James A. Garfield”
  • J. Kopel, “President William Howard Taft: An Embodiment of Masonic Resilience”
  • J. Gilbert, “Omnism: Offering a New Definition for Freemasonry”
  • J. Bozeman , “Universalism and Freemasonry”
  • M. Szramoski, “Craftsmen Looking towards Building a Better Tomorrow”
  • R. Cockerham, “Scottish Rite Cinematic Communications Go Nationwide”
  • M. Edwards, “An American Freemason in London: PGM Akram Elias, 33°, Named 2023 Prestonian Lecturer by Quatuor Coronati Lodge”
  • S. B. Morris, “Charles E. “Ted” Bastien, 32°, Artist: A Master of His Craft”
  • K. Idell, “Doors and Thresholds”


  • J. Cole, Grand Commander’s Message, “Washing Dishes”
  • A. de Hoyos, House of the Temple Museum Highlight, “The 1975 Biennial Session Commemorative Medallion”
  • A. de Hoyos, Cornerstones of the Craft, “Our Scottish Rite Blue Lodge Ritual”
  • M. Edwards, The Masonic Traveler, “Wall-to-Wall Mason’s Murals in St. Joseph, Missouri: Interview with Muralist & Scottish Rite Mason Sam Welty, 33°”
  • T. Simpkins and M. Dreisonstok, Chips from the Quarry, “Lucky Seven for the Chip Makers”
  • Current Interest
  • M. Gomez, Notes from the Northern Light, “Pace Receives Tompkins Award”
  • M. Dreisonstok, From the Pages of Amicus Illuminismi, “On ‘Article Writing and Freemasonry’”
  • T. Bastien and M. Dreisonstok, Chips from the Quarry, “British Masons in the Quarry”
  • A. G. Cobb, Jr., and M. Smith, Book Reviews, “Prayer and the Esoteric”
  • R. Pulliam, Masonic Puzzle, “U.S. Masonic Presidents Quiz”