Pillars of Charity

Pillars of CharityThe Pillars of Charity is an honor awarded to those donors who have reached the recognition level of Supreme Temple Architect and was created to recognize the generosity of our donors who have made donations reaching $1 million or greater to either the House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc. or the Scottish Rite Foundation, SJ, USA, Inc. Donors who have made a gift of $1 million divided between one of our national foundations and a local Scottish Rite foundation also qualify for this honor, as long as at least $500,000 of the gift is designated to either the House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc. or the Scottish Rite Foundation, SJ, USA, Inc.

Donors added to the Pillars of Charity will receive:

  • A Rebuilding the Temple Campaign Pin
  • A thank you letter signed by the Grand Commander
  • A 20″ x 24″ framed, hand calligraphy, lambskin parchment certificate (in accordance with donor recognition levels)
  • An original oil painting and bronze nameplate to be displayed in the House of the Temple Pillars of Charity Portrait Gallery.
  • A bronze plaque and dedicated pillar in the Pillars of Charity Alcove
  • A duplicate bronze plaque and pillar to be sent to the donor
  • An optional unveiling ceremony and lunch or dinner with the Grand Commander

For more information, contact the development office at [email protected].

Pillars of Charity Portraits

Barry D. Barbee, 32°
Woody D. Bilyeu, 33°
Bernard L. Blackwell, 33°
William L. Clark, 32°
Matsue Yamazaki Dewese
Bobbie Gold andStan Gold, 33°
Syble E. Gwatney
Billy Joe Hildreth, 33°
Ernest W. Kuehne, Jr., 33°
S. Douglas Lamb, 33°
Frank S. Land, 33°, Grand Cross
Theodore Leba, 32°
Vee H. Lohmann
John E. Moyers, 33°
Carl F. Nelson, 33°
Leslie Ann Nelson
Randy L. Potts, 32°
Beverly Rainbolt
William “Bill” Rainbolt, 33°
Thomas A. Rossman, Ph.D., 33°
Elwin O. Studebaker, Jr., 32°
Mrs. Terry J. Studebaker
Valley of Los Angeles
Earl E. Walker, 33°
Myrtle Walker