Hall of Honor

The Temple Architects Hall of Honor was established in 1991 to pay permanent tribute to thirty-three outstanding Scottish Rite Masons who have distinguished themselves through their generosity in helping to preserve and maintain the historic House of the Temple in Washington, DC. The Hall of Honor resides in the oak-paneled, semi-circular hallway, which follows the line of the Temple’s magnificent rotunda. Located on the first floor of the House of the Temple, it has space for 33 original oil portraits. The portraits are the work of Jean Pilk, a noted artist who has painted such prominent Americans as former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Hall of Honor Portraits

Gene Autry, 33°, Grand Cross
Arleigh A. Burke, 33°
S. Barry Casey, 33°
Robert L. Dillard, Jr., 33°, Grand Cross
Robert J. Dole, 33°, Grand Cross
James H. Doolittle, 33°, Grand Cross
Sam J. Ervin, Jr., 33°, Grand Cross
John H. Glenn, Jr., 33°
Sam. E Hilburn, 33°
William Mercer Hollis, 33°
John Edgar Hoover, 33°, Grand Cross
Burl Ives, 33°, Grand Cross
Douglas MacArthur, 33°
Edgar F. Magnin, 33°
Abner V. McCall, 33°, Grand Cross
Audie Murphy, 33°
Sam Nunn, 33°, Grand Cross
Arnold D. Palmer, 33°
Norman Vincent Peale, 33°, Grand Cross
Will Rogers, 33°
Carl J. Sanders, 33°, Grand Cross
John Philip Sousa, 33°
Dee A. Strickland, 33°
Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, 33°, Grand Cross
Harry S. Truman, 33°
Charles E. Webber, 33°
William Jarboe Wohlfarth, 33°
George E. Dewese, 33°
William J. Butch Giles, Jr., 33°
Harold L. Gwatney, 33°, Grand Cross
Laurance Jones III, 33°
Joseph H. S. Smith, 32°
Henry Yaskal, 33°