Active Members of the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA

Ill. James D. Cole, 33° Sovereign Grand Commander & SGIG at-Large
Ill. Michael D. Smith, 33° Lieutenant Grand Commander & SGIG in South Carolina
Ill. Joe R. Manning, Jr., 33° Grand Prior & SGIG in Oklahoma
Ill. Gary L. Sissel, 33° Grand Secretary General & SGIG in Iowa
Ill. Jeffrey D. Larson, 33° Grand Treasurer General & SGIG in South Dakota
Ill. Leonard Proden, 33° Grand Almoner & SGIG in the District of Columbia
Ill. Robert W. Cockerham, 33° Grand Orator & SGIG in Missouri
Ill. Frank C. Baker, 33° Grand Master of Ceremonies & SGIG in Utah
Ill. Gary W. Kuney, 33° Grand Chamberlain & SGIG in Oregon
Ill. Hugh W. Gill III, 33° First Grand Equerry & SGIG in Kansas
Ill. Joseph E. Alexander, 33° Second Grand Equerry & SGIG in Idaho
Ill. Marlin L. Mills, 33° Grand Standard Bearer & SGIG in Maryland
Ill. Jamie A. Smith, 33° Grand Sword Bearer & SGIG in Alabama
Ill. David O. Martinez, 33° Grand Herald & SGIG in Nevada
Ill. H. Jackson Yost, Jr., 33° SGIG in West Virginia
Ill. Charles I. Ottem, 33° SGIG in North Dakota
Ill. C. James Graham, 33° SGIG in Arkansas
Ill. Alvin W. Jorgensen, 33° SGIG in Washington
Ill. Frank Loui, 33° SGIG in California
Ill. Joseph C. Harrison, Jr., 33° SGIG in Tennessee
Ill. Jose R. Lopez, 33°, GC SGIG in Puerto Rico
Ill. David L. Nielsen, 33° SGIG in Montana
Ill. Michael L. Wiggins, 33° SGIG in Texas
Ill. Ted C. Collins, 33° SGIG in Georgia
Ill. Billy W. Sloan, 33° SGIG in Mississippi
Ill. Tony R. Krall, 33° SGIG in Minnesota
Ill. Richard B. Smith , 33°, GC SGIG in Louisiana

Deputies and Appointive Officers

Ill. Norman L. Y. Pin, 33° Deputy in Taiwan & China
Ill. Wesley D. Thornton, 33° Deputy in New Mexico
Ill. Donald K. Smith, 33° Deputy in Japan & Korea
Ill. Richard G. Hoover, 33° Deputy in Florida
Ill. Terry L. Bowman, 33° Deputy in Kentucky
Ill. Alan W. Adkins, 33°, GC Deputy in Virginia
Ill. Karl J. Hinkle, 33° Deputy in Colorado
Ill. Andrew L. Geiser, 33° Deputy in Hawaii & Guam
Ill. Robert L. Bradshaw, 33° Deputy in Wyoming
Ill. Rex R. Hutchens, 33°, GC Deputy in Arizona
Ill. Daniel J. Wellendorf, 33° Deputy in Nebraska
Ill. A. Gene Cobb, Jr., 33° Deputy in North Carolina
Ill. William G. Sizemore II, 33° Grand Executive Director
Ill. W. Kenneth Lyons, Jr., 33°, GC Grand Chaplain
Ill. Paul D. Dolinsky, 33° Grand Organist
Ill. William G. L. Turner, 33° Grand Tyler
Ill. S. Brent Morris, 33°, GC Managing Editor, The Scottish Rite Journal
Ill. Jorge I. Franchi, 33° Chief Financial Officer
Ill. Arturo de Hoyos, 33°, GC Grand Archivist & Grand Historian
Ill. Matthew T. Szramoski, 33° Director of Development
Ill. Dean R. Alban, 33° Director of Membership Services
Ms. Larissa Watkins Librarian
Note: The Orient of Alaska is under temporary assignment as previously communicated.