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    Disaster Relief

    The Scottish Rite Foundation, SJ, USA, Inc. is collecting donations to be sent to Orients affected by natural disasters. 100% of all donations will go to the relief of deserving families impacted by recent natural disasters.

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Giving & Development

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Have You Heard about the Acacia Guild?

Acacia Guild silver pendant picturing a sprig of acacia and the words "Acacia Guild"This program recognizes all Scottish Rite, SJ, members who join by making a $1,000 cash contribution in the Acacia Guild.

Scottish Rite brethren who make a donation will receive an impressive award made of sterling silver hanging from a purple ribbon featuring the words “Acacia Guild” with an acacia branch prominently displayed.

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Celebrating the Craft: Full Show and Highlights

Did you miss the show? Not to worry! You can watch the entire 2018 show by hour or view individual performances.

The 2018 Celebrating the Craft (CTC) took place LIVE online Saturday, May 19! Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed his or her time, talents, and funds, to make our 2018 event a success!

It’s also not too late to donate to our 2018 CTC campaign via the Scottish Rite store.

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Scottish Rite Member Programs & Services

Video: Welcome to the Scottish Rite House of the Temple

Come and Visit The Tyler’s Place!

The Tyler’s Place is a monthly podcast by, about, and for brothers. Find us on Spreaker, download our app in your preferred app store, or ask your smart speaker to play The Tyler’s Place podcast! We saved a seat for you.

It's the Return of the VMAP Working Tools Newsletter!

VMAP Working Tools: Your Guide to News & Best Practices

We have re-tooled our bi-weekly web-based newsletter that connects Valleys with resources for enhancing the Scottish Rite member experience.


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Scottish Rite, SJ, Partners with Nationwide Insurance

SupremeCouncil-Nationwide Feature

These links will direct you to Nationwide’s site for additional information.

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Masonry Q & A

Has a Masonic token ever been accepted as a coin?

WSB Coin

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True or False?

Detail of Allyn Cox's painting of Col. John MitchellEarliest known 33° patent is that of Col. John Mitchell, 1st Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33°.

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Featured Article

When did the Scottish Rite start conferring degrees with costumes and in theatrical settings?

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Featured Artifact

Thumbnail of a Custom 33rd Degree jewel from the collection in the Library of the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USAA 33° Jewel

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