Grand Commander’s Fellows Program

Jewel of the 4th Degree, Secret MasterThe Fellows Program, established by Past Sovereign Grand Commander C. Fred Kleinknecht, 33°, is intended to expand education and communication within Scottish Rite. Thus far, almost a thousand Scottish Rite members have become Fellows.

Participation in the Fellows Program is optional for each Orient. In even-numbered years, each SGIG or Deputy who agrees to participate designates one or more Fellows from his Orient. Generally, such selections are made based upon the member’s perceived enthusiasm, dedication and eagerness to support the Rite. Each Fellow must agree to attend the in-person Fellow’s Workshop held in Washington, D.C. The goals of the program are as follows:

  1. Enhance each Fellow’s understanding of Scottish Rite, including the operation of the Supreme Council;
  2. Expand each Fellow’s knowledge and appreciation of the opportunities and challenges facing the Southern Jurisdiction;
  3. Encourage and invest each Fellow with useful information to share in his Valley;
  4. Develop and expand the network of Fellows as a resource to assist Valleys in meeting the challenges they face;
  5. Provide a resource to the Grand Commander and the Supreme Council, providing useful perspectives from the Valley and Orient levels as a means to enhance the effectiveness of decisions made by the Supreme Council.

Each Fellow who participates in this program can easily become a valuable asset to the success of his Valley and Orient. Valleys should consider receiving an oral report from each Fellow following his attendance at the in-person Fellows Workshop. For many, the Fellows experience can be an important step toward the development of their future potential as leaders in Scottish Rite and beyond. Current SGIGs have been Fellows, as have Past Grand Masters, Personal Representatives, Valley Secretaries, and other vital officers and leaders.

This program broadens the horizon for each Fellow. The best decisions in life are made using timely and accurate information. Leaders serve best when they learn best for their job.

Each class of Fellows is designated by their even-numbered year. Once a Scottish Rite Mason has completed the Fellow’s Workshop, he is deemed a Fellow. After his class year, he remains a Fellow.

Sovereign Grand Commander James D. Cole, 33°, has developed the following plan for continued communication among the Fellows network:

  1. The Fellows Workshop will continue for each Biennium’s current class of Fellows.
  2. Online (Zoom, etc.) meetings will be held for the current class of Fellows quarterly.
  3. Online (Zoom, etc.) meetings will be held quarterly for all Past Fellows (i.e., all but the current class).
  4. A Fellows Reunion meeting will be held at each Biennial Session, hosted by the Grand Commander. Admission is free to any Fellow, including those of the most recent class.

Beginning in 2020, the learning and engagement opportunities offered to the Fellows at their Workshop will be expanded to include interaction with and input from other SGIGs and Deputies of the Supreme Council who will be invited by the Grand Commander to share their perspectives with the current class of Fellows.

The designation of a member as a Fellow offers an exciting opportunity to expand horizons, meet new friends and contribute to the success of our Rite.