November-December 2021

November-December 2021 Scottish Rite Journal Cover: SGC James D. Cole, 33°, and Rev. Dr. W. Kenneth Lyons, Jr., 33°, Grand Cross, Gr. Chaplain, closing the 2021 Biennial Session


In this magazine:

  • K. Andrus, The Cows Don’t Know It’s Christmas: Texas Brother’s Poem Honors Father while Helping Children
  • B.C. Ruli, A Biennial for Extraordinary Times
  • M. Dreisonstok, The Goethe Collection at the House of the Temple
  • J. Bozeman, The Flammarion Engraving: The Masonic Print that Isn’t
  • A. Kriegel, Chanukah: Festive, Jewish, and Masonic
  • D. Hogan, Embrace the Zugzwang
  • M. Edwards, Symbols and Secrets: Bringing Masonry to the Small Screen
  • M. Smith, The Time Is “Rite” to Get Together Again!
  • M. SzramoskiIntendant of the Building Society
  • M. Edwards, Drawing Inspiration: Renowned Masonic Artist Travis Simpkins Brings His Artistry in Charcoal to the Journal
  • M.C. Lee, Nine
  • Plus, the Grand Commander’s Message, Cornerstones of the Craft, Chips from the Quarry, Current Interest, Notes from The Northern Light, The Masonic Traveler, Book Reviews, and Masonic Puzzle.