Introducing Our Two New Online Stores!

We are excited to announce the launch of TWO new stores:

that will replace The Scottish Rite Online Store (

Unfortunately, customers’ accounts and order history will not transfer onto our new platforms. Scottish Rite Bookstore and Scottish Rite Gift Shop are two different stores and must be treated as such. This means items in the cart will not merge; therefore, customers will have to create an account for the Scottish Rite Gift Shop and Scottish Rite Bookstore.

With our new platforms, we will be able to provide improved customer service, better sales, and quicker turnaround time on our orders.

For All Merchandise—Apparel, Drinkware, Accessories:

Shop The Scottish Rite Gift Shop

For Books:

Shop The Scottish Rite Bookstore

Thank you for being a loyal Scottish Rite customer!

For questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

To purchase a NEW Scottish Rite Research Society Membership:

Visit Our SRRS Page.

Image: Water bottle with 32° Scottish Rite Eagle logo and cover to A Bridge to Light book Introducing Our Two New Online Stores!