Knights of St. Andrew

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the Knights of St. Andrew. Currently, there are 145 KSA Chapters operating in the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite and 23 in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.

In early 1993 the late Ill. Weldon Good, 33°, of the Tulsa Valley in Oklahoma saw a need for assistance during reunions. He also noticed that Masons were joining the Scottish Rite but not returning to help and participate in subsequent reunions. To rectify this, he developed the organization now known as the Knights of St. Andrew (KSA) as a service group for the Valley.

The by-laws stated that the KSA are a “black cap” group. The KSA’s main duties of were and are, to assist, as needed, during a reunion and to be available to the Valley’s General Secretary for any assigned duties.

There is no “official” headquarters or central authority of the KSA … no uniform … no required procedures or prescribed ritual. The attire and regalia varies from one chapter to another. Most chapters have adopted the insignia developed by the Guthrie Chapter (shown here) for their recognition lapel pin and badge.

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