Celebrating the Craft

May 21, 2016 | 6 p.m. to Midnight

The House of the Temple will host the 5th-annual Celebrating the Craft (CTC) on Saturday, May 21, to raise money for the Rebuilding the Temple Campaign and Orient charities.

To watch the show, go to scottishrite.org anytime between 6 p.m. and Midnight (Eastern Time) on Saturday, May 21.

Above: Check out the highlight reel from our 2015 event!
Want to see more? Check out longer clips from 2015: CTC Broadcast By Hour | CTC Talent Performances

Music, comedy, celebrities, never-before-seen video content from the House of the Temple and Valleys across the country, and so much more will be included in the webcast.

Once again, the George Washington Banquet Hall at the House of the Temple will be converted into a television studio and serve as ground zero for this Masonic extravaganza. During the evening, viewers will learn more about the Scottish Rite and the importance of the House of the Temple, its artifacts, museum, and library. Last year the CTC featured musical artist, stage performers, Masonic scholars like Ill. Bros. Arturo de Hoyos, 33°, GC, and Brent Morris, 33°, GC, and many others who educated and entertained throughout the event. We will be building upon our previous successes to make CTC 2016 our most exciting event yet.

You can make a donation via phone or online. Your donation may be split between the Rebuilding the Temple Campaign and the Scottish Rite charities in the your Orient as directed by your SGIG or Deputy.

If you live in the DC area or will be in town during the event we invite you to come and be part of the in-studio audience or volunteer for the phone bank.

Scottish Rite has Talent!

The show will focus on Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite, and a variety of talents and accomplishments from Brothers throughout the Southern Jurisdiction.

Click here to learn more. Please note the deadline for 2016 auditions has passed.

Want to Volunteer for the CTC?

Live near DC? Volunteer your time with us during the CTC! Contact us at mszramoski@scottishrite.org or 202–777–3143. We would love to have you!

Click here for more information on volunteering for the CTC webcast.

What Can YOU do?

  • Mark May 21 on your calendar.
  • Plan on watching at your Valley or at your home.
  • Let all of your Masonic friends know about CTC.
  • Coordinate an event with your Valley to watch CTC and support the House of the Temple
  • Plan on making a gift to help us preserve and restore the House of the Temple and also benefit your Orient.
  • Donations can be made online or by calling our phone bank during the evening. During the broadcast we will be announcing “up to the minute” updates on the funds raised.

What Can Your Valley Do?

  • Host a Celebrating the Craft (CTC) party during the web event. Serve snacks and invite friends and family to join the members. Consider using a widescreen television or an LCD projector for the group
  • Raise the stakes and provide a dinner with your CTC Party.
  • Have your Knights of Saint Andrew (KSA) hold a fundraiser before the CTC and issue a challenge gift to other KSA chapters live during the broadcast on May 21.
  • Share information about the CTC web event in your Valley bulletin. Encourage members who cannot attend the special event at the Valley to watch it from home.
  • Plan a Backyard Event: Picnic, BBQ, with burgers and dogs and all the side dishes. Coordinate a silent auction, raffle gift baskets, or hold a pie sale. Find yard space for outdoor events with horseshoes, bocce ball, or badminton.
  • Hold an open house for Masons who are not yet members of the Scottish Rite. Use the event to generate interest in the Rite and to raise funds for the House of the Temple and your Orient charity.
  • Promote CTC at ALL meetings and activities between now and May 21.
  • Set a goal amount for your Valley to raise and make a donation as a collective group. We will recognize your Valley on air—a challenge could spur on other Valleys!
  • Coordinate a Valley-to-Valley competition to help support our House of the Temple, through friendly competition.
  • Engage in our CTC Social Media campaign.

For more information about Celebrating the Craft, please contact Matt Szramoski at mszramoski@scottishrite.org or 202–777–3143.