Hall of Scottish Rite Regalia

The Hall of Scottish Rite Regalia is one of the several special areas developed in the House of the Temple during the 1992-1993 Biennium. Located on the first floor between the office of the Director of Membership and the office of the Director of Development, the Hall is an educational and inspirational highlight for many visitors touring the House of the Temple. It consists of 36 original oil paintings by Bro. Robert H. White, 32°.

The concept behind the Hall of Scottish Rite Regalia was for Bro. White to create an artistic and ultra-realistic still life of the various elements (apron, cap, cordon, baldric, jewel, ring, gloves, etc.) of each of the Scottish Rite Degrees (4th through 33rd), including the honors of the Knight Commander Court of Honour and the Grand Cross. Also, for historical purposes only, paintings of the aprons for the first three Scottish Rite Degrees, as envisioned by Albert Pike, were also created. Brethren, unfortunately, seldom see some of the regalia associated with the non-obligatory Degrees. By having this regalia accurately and beautifully presented in the Hall of Scottish Rite Regalia, there is now a permanent, impressive record of these Masonic elements available via the paintings themselves to visitors to the House of the Temple and via color photographic reproductions on a special order basis to Brethren everywhere.

Custom cove lighting, modeled after that in the Temple Architects Hall of Honor, was installed in the Hall of Scottish Rite Regalia so that each painting is individually and dramatically illuminated. In addition, a bronze plaque placed under each painting in the Hall indicates the number of the Degree, its title, and a brief statement of its duties. Finally, a self-portrait by Brother White has been placed in the Hall as recognition of his dedication to the Rite and to this special project.