September-October 2021


In this magazine:

  • M. Szramoski, Supreme Council Announces New Grant Program for Masonic Appendant Bodies & Masonic Youth Groups
  • S. Karatas, Mozart, Music, and Masonry
  • R.J.F. Elsner, Bible Study for Freemasons: The Stone which the Builders Rejected
  • L. Walsh, Philosopher-Kings and the Knights of the Scottish Rite
  • J. Anderson, Honoring David Wooster, Hero of the War of Independence
  • M. Dreisonstok, Meet Us in St. Louis: 2022 Children’s Language and Literacy Conference
  • J. Bozeman, A New Age for Science: The Search for Intelligent Life on Mars in 1912
  • B. C. Ruli and M. Dreisonstok, Revisiting the New Age: A Brief History of the Supreme Council’s First Literary Magazine
  • M. Close, The Richardson Papers at the House of the Temple Museum
    and Library
  • Plus: Grand Commander’s Message; House of the Temple Highlight; The Masonic Traveler; Cornerstones of the Craft; Chips from the Quarry; Current Interest ; Notes from The Northern Light; Book Reviews; and the Masonic Puzzle