May/June 2024

Br. Marquis de Lafayette's Final American Tour, 1824–25. This 1891 statute honoring Br. Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, stands along Pennsylvania Ave. NW, across from the White House, in Washington, D.C.


In this magazine:


  • A. de Hoyos, “Which Is Rite for You? I’ll Take Both!”
  • “Annual Report to Our Membership—2023”
  • B. C. Ruli, “Br. Marquis de Lafayette’s Final American Tour, 1824–25”
  • B. C. Ruli, “A Familiar Tune to Honor Br. Lafayette during His American Tour”
  • S. Cockerham, “Rockin’ at the Rite in St. Louis”
  • R. Winstead, “Melodies Immortal, Echoes of Paradise:” Masonic Composers of Light and Comic Opera
  • M. Dreisonstok, “The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence: Is Prudence Always Positive?”
  • D. Alban, “Ill. Stan Dodd, 33°: Setting a Benchmark for Excellence at the Scottish Rite, SJ”
  • M. Hensley, “The Acacia Guild: Planting Seeds for the Future”


  • J. Cole, Grand Commander’s Message, “Clouds”
  • J. Corbett, The Masonic Traveler, “Nice! The Statue of Liberty on the French Riviera”
  • T. Simpkins, M. Dreisonstok, & C. Dreisonstok, Chips from the Quarry, “Singers in the Quarry”
  • Current Interest
  • P.J. Roup, Notes from the Northern Light, “Why I Am”
  • M. Dreisonstok, From the Pages of Amicus, “The Rough Ashlar Speaks! Recalling ‘A Fable in Stone'”
  • S. Weissenberger, Cornerstones of the Craft, “The Square and the Compasses in Albert Pike’s Esoterika: Uniting Heaven and Earth, Part 2”
  • M. Smith & A. Hammer, Book Reviews, “Adept in Harmony, Adept in Emulation”
  • C. Dreisonstok, Masonic Puzzle, “Third Degree Word Search”