May/June 2022

Photo of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Lodge Room, In Brotherly Love: Visiting the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia


In this magazine:


  • N. Gregory, “Gentlemanliness, Freemasonry, and a True Example of Both”
  • I. Kirkpatrick, “Why Is the North Dark?”
  • A. Albright, “Describing the Ineffable,Part 2: The Tetragrammaton”
  • M. Szramoski, “Who Said Nothing Good Is Free?”
  • J. Sayne, “We Are in This Together”
  • M. Poll, “The Mystery of Our Magazine’s Mysticus
  • S. Combee, “Celebrating 30 Years of Excitement, Hope, and Joy in Richmond”
  • J. Burchfield, “A Sparkle of Light in North Carolina”
  • M. Beachy, “Two Titans of American Music: Br. Florenz Ziegfeld and His Son, Founder of the Ziegfeld Follies”
  • M. Tabbert, “Masonic Ceremony at Washington’s Funeral”


  • Grand Commander’s Message, J. Cole, “A Little Light”
  • Cornerstones of the Craft, R. Himmel, “Did You Know? Book Educates, Recalls Childhood Comics, and Anticipated Chips
  • Chips from the Quarry, T. Simpkin’s, M. Dreisonstok, & C. Dreisonstok, “The Korean War”
  • Current Interest
  • Notes from The Northern Light, J. Croteau, “Magnificent Architecture: Masonic Building Postcards”
  • The Masonic Traveler, M. Dreisonstok, “In Brotherly Love: Visiting the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia”
  • Book Reviews, S. B. Morris & W. Parks, Jr., “A Presidential Icon and a Warrior Mystic”
  • Masonic Puzzle, E. McCarthy “4th Degree Word Search”