March-April 2021

Illustration of Jacob’s Ladder from the Entered Apprentice Degree, depicting the three theological virtues: (top to bottom) Charity, Hope, and Faith


In this magazine:

  • R. Reinhardt III, “On Jacob’s Ladder, the Greatest Is Charity”
  • S. Dodd, “Virtual Communication of Degrees”
  • B. Ruli, “By the Plumb, Square, and Zoom: Freemasonry in the Age of a Pandemic”
  • M. Dreisonstok, “Forgotten Gems in Stories for the American Freemason’s Fireside”
  • J. Marples, “Longview Texas: The Importance of Old Masonic Halls in Our Communities”
  • A. Gehlert, “The Art of Jean Baptiste Greuze, Masonic Moralist Painter”
  • R. Elsner, “Bible Study for Freemasons: Zerubbabel’s Speech on Truth”
  • J. Bozeman, “The Secret History of the Book of 1 Esdras”
  • M. Szramoski, “‘Returning to Normal’ Post-Covid”
  • R. Himmel, “We Hold These Truths”
  • P. Brusoe, “DeMolay: Putting Family into the Masonic Family”
  • M. Evans, “What’s a Dues Card Worth?”
  • Plus: Sovereign Grand Commander’s Message; Masonic Crossword Puzzle; Chips from the Quarry; Current Interest; Notes from The Northern Light; and Book Reviews!