July/August 2024

Chamber of Reflection—Table with three candles surrounding two stacked books, upon which sit an hourglass, white gloves embroidered with a blue square and compasses, and an ornately decorated skull. In some Masonic traditions, a chamber of reflection is a quiet space for clearing one’s mind before entering the temple.


In this magazine:


  • C. Ricci, “The Three Ancient and Original Orders of Architecture”
  • O. Nasreddine, “The Copley Medal and Famous Freemasons”
  • A. Hammer, “The Chamber of Reflection”
  • K. Peterson & L. Minton, “The Three Books of Enoch: Testaments to Masonic Enlightenment in Plain Sight? Part 1: I Enoch”
  • B. Sloan, “Snow and Sun, Barbecue and Brotherhood: Highlights of the 2024 Scottish Rite Leadership Conferences”


  • J. Cole, Grand Commander’s Message, “Pictures”
  • M. Dreisonstok, The Masonic Traveler, “Freemasonry in Pennsylvania Dutch Country”
  • B.C. Ruli, From the Pages of Amicus, “From Medicine to Mysticism: A Closer Look at the Taylor Collection at the House of the Temple”
  • O. Curcio & R. Nowacki, Rebuilding the Temple Campaign, “Updates on the Collections and Archives Rooms”
  • M. Dreisonstok, Book Review, New Light on William Hogarth’s ‘Night'”
  • T. Simpkins, M. Dreisonstok, & C. Dreisonstok, Chips from the Quarry, “Comic Strip Pioneers and the Craft”
  • Current Interest
  • J. Croteau, Notes from the Northern Light, “Summoning Paul Revere: Lodge of St. Andrew 1768 Summons”
  • A. de Hoyos, House of the Temple Highlight, “Patent Signed by Paul Revere”
  • J. Bozeman & S. Karatas, Cornerstones of the Craft, “Two Perspectives on the ‘Five Jewels of the Eastern Star'”
  • C. Dreisonstok, Masonic Puzzle, “Tales from the Masonic Crypt Crossword”