July/August 2022

Detail of a Scottish Rite Throne showing the jewel of the 33°, Inspector General Honorary


In this magazine:

** CORRECTION: In the print and online editions, we inadvertently left off the far right column in the Masonic Puzzle word search. Our apologies! You can download the full, corrected puzzle here. **


  • Joint Memorandum
  • Statement of Principles
  • M. Howard, “The Master Mason’s Wife and Daughters Degree”
  • M. Szramoski, “A Mason Named Chad”
  • H. Hair, “Scottish Rite for Children Celebrates Its Centennial”
  • 2022 Children’s Language & Literacy Conference
  • B. Ruli and T. Winkle, “The Smithsonian Institution at 175: Masonic Memorabilia from the  Smithsonian Collections”
  • M. Smith, “Reflections on Craft and Creation According to J.R.R. Tolkien”
  • M. Edwards, “Top Gun Redux and a Real Top Gun”
  • R. Himmel, “I Do Solemnly Swear”
  • A. Albright, “Describing the Ineffable, Part 3: Equilibrium”
  • D. Freed, ”Remembering New Age Contributor Melvyn N. Freed”


  • Grand Commander’s Message, J. Cole, “The Little Brown Bag”
  • Temple Museum Highlight, A. de Hoyos, “Scottish Rite Throne”
  • Chips from the Quarry, M. Dreisonstok, T. Simpkin’s, “Swing and Sweet Jazz Musicians”
  • Current Interest
  • Notes from The Northern Light
  • The Masonic Traveler, M. Dreisonstok, “Mason’s Hall, Richmond, Virginia”
  • From the Pages of Amicus, M. Dreisonstok, “In the Goethe Collection”
  • Cornerstones of the Craft, L. Walsh, “Vested in Glory”
  • Book Reviews, R. Pulliam, W. Parks, A. Hammer, “Seeds, Memory, and a Chequered Existence”
  • Masonic Puzzle, M. Dreisonstok, “A Fourteenth-Degree Word Search”