January/Februrary 2022

January-February 2022 Scottish Rite Journal, Theodore Roosevelt, President, Conservationist, Freemason


In this magazine:

  • Annual Report to Our Members—2020
  • M. Wharton, “Subduing Our Passions: Freemasonry’s Hidden Willpower Lesson”
  • J. Kopel, “Masonic Ideals in President Theodore Roosevelt’s Address to Freemasons”
  • J. Bozeman, “Visiting the World’s First Washington Monument” (The Masonic Traveler series)
  • S. Karatas, “Buffalo Bill: Western Legend and Fondly-remembered Mason”
  • C. Dreisonstok, “Light of Promise: The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls’ 100th Anniversary”
  • M. Szramoski, “A Tale of Two Scholarships”
  • J. Cole, “In Memoriam: Ill. Michael Duane Smith, Sr., 33°, Lieutenant Grand Commander”
  • T. Simpkins and M. Dreisonstok, “Masons and the Golden Age of Radio” (Chips from the Quarry series)
  • W. Thornton, “2022 RITE Way Membership Conferences”
  • A. de Hoyos, “Ill. Cowles’s Past Grand Master’s Jewel” (House of the Temple Museum Highlight series)
  • M. Smith, “The Pythagorean Triangle: A Selection from George Oliver’s Literary School of Freemasonry” (Cornerstones of the Craft series)
  • B. Chris Ruli,Tolstoy, “Masonry, and a Prophetic New Age”
  • J. McCrensky, “The Kabbalah: A Contemporary Path to Spirituality”
  • R. Pulliam and W. Parks, Jr., “The Boston Tea Party and Much Other Masonic History” (Book Reviews)
  • Seb Giroux, Masonic Word Search (Masonic Puzzle series)
  • Plus, the Grand Commander’s Message (“A Humble Walk”), Notes from the Northern Light, and Current Interest!