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    Jubilee & Biennial Session Registration Open

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  • Maynard's Tough Mudder Challenge

    Gauntlet Thrown. Challenge Accepted.

    Your podcast host talks Tough Mudder, plus check out his interview with best-selling author Brad Meltzer in Ep. 9 of the Tyler’s Place.

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  • Valley Membership Achievement Project w/ logo and web page

    You’ve Enrolled. Now what?

    We have tools to help your Valley in its efforts.

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Giving & Development


Celebrating the Craft 2015 Highlights

Allen Smith performs during the 2015 Celebrating the Craft.

Now you can watch your favorite performances from CTC 2015 or see what you missed.

• CTC Broadcast By Hour
• CTC Talent Performances

Centennial Jubilee

August 22, 2015
House of the Temple Centennial Jubilee
"New additions, old traditions"

Join us in celebration of the 100th year our House of the Temple has been open to the public.

House of the Temple in Spring

• More about the Jubilee

VMAP—Valley Membership Achievement Project

Maynard, host of the Tyler's Place podcast, in the recording studio“VMAP Minute”

Join Bro. Maynard Edwards, 32°, host of The Tyler’s Place podcast, as he discusses anything and everything related to the Valley Membership Achievement Project (VMAP) in this regular feature segment of the podcast.

• More about the "VMAP Minute"

Stay Informed!


VMAP Working Tools is a web-based newsletter that connects Valleys with resources for enhancing the Scottish Rite member experience.


• More about VMAP Working Tools

What Is VMAP?

VMAP Eagle

Providing Brothers with a Superior Scottish Rite Experience

The intent of  VMAP is to help each Valley carry out its service to the Scottish Rite by providing the very best experience for its members. VMAP requirements are broken into the following 10 specific subject Areas which cover the full scope of the Scottish Rite experience.

• More about VMAP

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Masonry Q & A

Is the “eye in the pyramid” a Masonic symbol?

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Myth or Fact?

Washington took his oath of office on a Masonic bible by coincidence.

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Featured Book

SDetail from Sermones de tempore et de sanctis (Sermons for certain times and Saints’ days)ermones de tempore et de sanctis

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Featured Artifact

White HouseGavel made from wood from the White House

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