Introducing Your 2015 Scottish Rite Has Talent Finalists

First, we would like to thank ALL the Scottish Rite brethren who entered the contest this year! The judges' votes are in, and the 2015 Scottish Rite Has Talent Finalists have been selected! From cowboy poetry to breakdancing, we received numerous talent submissions from around the world. After assessing the entry pool for this year, we decided there were TOO MANY talented submissions for us to simply pick 18. Below is the official list of the 2015 Scottish Rite Has Talent finalists, whom we have invited to perform LIVE during the 2015 Celebrating the Craft. Drum roll, please ...
Name of Finalist(s) Valley, Orient Talent
Gerald Alleva, 32° & James Alleva Baltimore, Md. Vocalist & Trumpeter
Flavio Apro, 32° Orange County, Calif. Classic Guitarist
Bob Aunchman, 32°* Stockton, Calif. Drummer
Randy Brill, 33°† San Diego, Calif. Magician
Neil Clevenger, 32°* Kahului, Hawaii Vocalist
Fellowcraft (JR Macdonald, Lawrence Proudfoot, & Brian Nelson-Palmer, 32°) Washington, D.C. Rock Band
Carlie Hamby, 32° Knoxville, Tenn. Musician
Robert Harris, 32° Louisville, Ky. Vocalist
Edwin Josey, 32°* Nashville, Tenn. Guitarist/Vocalist
Jeffry Larson, 32°*† Salina, Wash. Vocalist
Ken McMillen, 33°† San Diego, Calif. Pianist
Jacob Navarette, 32° Dallas, Texas Breakdancing
Joshua Poole, 32° Washington, D.C. Vocalist
Mike Querner, 32° Lubbock, Texas Poetry
Frank Raines, 32° Washington, D.C. Elvis tribute artist
Allen Smith, 32° Atlanta, Ga. Guitarist/Vocalist
Lee Smith, KCCH Houston, Texas Vocalist
Greg Sudmeier, 32° Atlanta, Ga. Organist
Paul Thompson, 32°* Miami, Fla. Vocalist
Tony Viejo, 32° Panama City, Fla. Vocalist/Guitarist
Warren Walker, 32° Little Rock, Ark. Vocalist
*Scottish Rite Has Talent alumni Unfortunately, this finalist will not be able to perform at the CTC. Photo (above): Scottish Rite Has Talent winners perform during the 2014 Celebrating the Craft finale. Introducing Your 2015 Scottish Rite Has Talent Finalists