Where and when was the 33° jewel first described?

The Grand Constitutions of 1786, supposedly authorized and signed by Frederick the Great, describe the 33° jewel. The Grand Decorations of The Order rest upon a Teutonic Cross. They are a nine-pointed Star, namely, one formed by three triangles of gold, one upon the other, and interlaced. From the lower part of the left side to the upper part of the right, a Sword extends, and in the opposite direction is a hand of (as it is called), Justice. In the center of the Shield of The Order, azure, charged with an Eagle like that on the Banner, having on the dexter side a Balance, or, and on the sinister side a Compass of the second, united with a Square of the second. Around the whole Shield runs a band of the first, with the Latin Inscription, of the second, “ORDO AB CHAO”; which band is enclosed by two circles, formed by two Serpents of the second, each biting his own tail. Of the smaller triangles that are formed by the intersection of the greater ones, those nine that are nearest the band are of crimson color, and each of them has one of the letters that compose the word S.A.P.I.E.NT.IA.