Conditions for Use of Reproductions


Obtaining a copy of a reproduction does not imply the right to publish. All reproduction arrangements must be made or approved in writing by an authorized Archives, Library and Museum official. Photographs are to be used one time in one publication, one edition, or in one language and only for the purpose stated. Additional reproduction of the object(s) must be approved in writing by an authorized Archives/Library official.



Payment in full in US dollars is required prior to the processing of an order for reproductions. Make check or money order payable to the House of the Temple Library and Museum and send to the attention of: Archives.


Credit Line

Published photographs must be identified with full titles/captions, full ownership credit line and photographer credit, if applicable, as provided by the Archives, Library and Museum on this form or on reverse of photograph and must be credited in all publications and exhibitions. This must appear either directly under the reproduction, on the page facing, on the reverse or in the list of credits at the end of the film or telecast.



Under no circumstances may color transparencies, black and white photographs, or slides be duplicated.



Each work must be reproduced in its entirety and may not be bled off the page or cropped in any way. A specific detail must be approved in advance. The reproduction must be in full-tone black and white or full color and may not be reproduced on colored stock. Nothing may be added or superimposed on the reproduction (i.e. lettering or tone or another image).



Slides are furnished for educational projection purposes only and may not be used for production of color separations. Slides may not be duplicated or used for reproduction.



In the case of works by living artists and/or subject to the 1976 Copyright Act, written permission must be secured by the applicant from the artist, his/her agent or copyright owner. The Archives, Library and Museum will inform the patron when such an application is necessary. A copy of the permission must be presented to the Archives, Library and Museum before requested reproduction can be released.


Complimentary Copy

One complimentary copy of resulting publications must be sent to the Archives, Library and Museum, care of the Collection Archivist’s Office. In the case of film or television presentations, any printed material published in conjunction must also be sent along with a copy of the tape or film.



Color transparencies remain the property of the Archives, Library, and Museum, and must be returned by the agreed upon due date. A $400.00 transparency replacement fee is charged if the transparency is not returned or returned in such a condition that it cannot be reused.