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Main Office

The Supreme Council, 33°

1733 16th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009–3103
Telephone: 202–232–3579
Fax: 202–464–0487

Hours of Operation: 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday–Thursday

Grand Commander’s Office

Ronald A. Seale, Sovereign Grand Commander
Fran Johnson, Executive Assistant, 202–777–3135
Elizabeth Sizemore, Administrative Assistant, 202–777–3160

Grand Executive Director’s Office

Bill Sizemore, Grand Executive Director
Dana Osterndorf, Administrative Assistant, 202–777–3184
Crystal Tolson, Receptionist, 202–777–3126

Archives Questions & Museum Donations

Arturo de Hoyos, Grand Archivist and Grand Historian, 202–777–3107
Stuart C. Pool, Museum Curator, 202–777–3198

Computer Services

Tammy Fannin, Director of Data Management and Operations, 202–777–3112
Julie Kraus, Assistant to the Director of Data Management and Operations, 202–777–3115
Gary Frame, Sentinel Facilitator, 202–738–2865


Matt Szramoski, Director of Development, 202–777–3143
Caitlyn Kent, Program Coordinator, 202–777–3111
Bridget Finnell, Development Assistant, 202–777–3196
Ali Hale, Program Coordinator, 202–777–3187
Don Heath, Major Donor Officer (West Coast), 858–335–2070
Chuck Morgan, Major Donor Officer (Southeast), 225–921–2295
Tom Broderick, Major Donor Officer (Mid-Atlantic), 757–761–4138


Jorge Franchi, Chief Financial Officer, 202–777–3189
Jessica Neri, Accounts Payable, 202–777–3197
Malini Sud, Accounts Receivable, 202–777–3136

General Counsel

Barbara Golden, General Counsel, 202–777–3163

House of the Temple

Sean Graystone, Superintendent of the House of the Temple, 202–777–3131

Internship Program

Elizabeth Sizemore, Internship Director, 202–777–3160

JROTC & ROTC Award Program

Linda Johnson, Program Assistant, 202–777–3110


Joan O. Kleinknecht, Librarian, 202–777–3139
Larissa Watkins, Assistant Librarian, 202–777–3127

Master Craftsman

Stuart C. Pool, Assistant to the Director of Education, 202–777–3198
Linda Johnson, Membership Manager, 202–777–3110

Media Inquiries

S. Brent Morris, Director of Communications, 202–777–3152

Membership Services

Dean Alban, Director of Membership Services, 202–777–3109
Stan Dodd, Assistant Director, 202–777–3162

Scottish Rite Journal

S. Brent Morris, Managing Editor, 202–777–3152
Elizabeth McCarthy, Creative Director 202–777–3186
Gregory S. Kearse, Staff Writer/Editor 202–777–3194
Kia Boone, Graphic Designer, 202–777–3176

Scottish Rite Research Society

S. Brent Morris, 202–777–3152

Scottish Rite Store

Telephone orders, 866–445–9196; General inquiries, Stuart C. Pool, 202–777–3198

Social Media & Website

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Twitter: @TheScottishRite and @MasonicMuseum
Facebook: Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and House of the Temple
Instagram: ScottishRiteSJ and MasonicMuseum

Elizabeth McCarthy, Creative Director

Tours of the House of the Temple

Elizabeth Sizemore, Internship Director, 202–777–3160