Current Interest: Scottish Rite Conference of Virginia

The Orient of Virginia has held annual Conferences for the past 87 years; the most recent being hosted by Danville in September 2010.

At the 2010 Conference, Ill. Hoyt Samples, 33°, SGIG in Tennessee, presented programs focused on “Mentoring—Turning Bystanders Into Members” and on “The Masonic Cooperative Education Program—Bringing Light to Our Lodges.” The Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, MW William E. Rorer, Jr., KCCH, also shared remarks concerning our duties as Masons, especially as they relate to one another. Each Conference Vice-President presents a report on his Valley’s activities, its membership, training programs, attendance, reunion class sizes, goals, and an overall assessment of their valley. Special sessions are held for the officers from the Virginia Valleys.

During the evenings, several Valleys sponsor hospitality suites, and often one or more of the Valleys sponsor a hospitality breakfast. Banquets are held on two evenings, a ladies lunch or brunch is held the second day of the Conference, and a golf tournament is sometimes held on the day before. All together it is a fun weekend that our members anticipate.

The Virginia Scottish Rite Conference also holds an annual Spring Workshop in the centrally located Valley of Richmond. The Workshop is a one-day event and focus on news from the Supreme Council, familiarization with new programs, and the sharing of ideas and experience among the Bodies.

—Submitted by David Amstutz, KCCH, Vice-President, Valley of Richmond, Va. S.R. Conference