Current Interest: Master Craftsman Program in the Philippines

Master Craftsman Study Group in the Philippines

The interest in further light in Masonry knows no political boundary. The Supreme Council’s Master Craftsman Program (MCP) has attracted a class of students in the Supreme Council of the Philippines. Bro. Manuel Liam C. Garcia, KCCH, an SRRS member, finished his first MCP course, and then introduced it to the members of the Valley of Davao. Fifteen immediately signed up, and their materials arrived in mid-July. The Ritual Monitor and Guide that comes with the MCP is the first Scottish Rite book for the students, other than Morals and Dogma and A Bridge to Light.

Bro. Garcia said, “Filipino Scottish Rite Masons have a book that can be offered to all sincere members who want to learn more and become better informed Scottish Rite Masons. Most Scottish Rite Masons here just take the degrees and attend the meetings their whole Scottish Rite lives without ever understanding anything about the Scottish Rite…. After the picture taking, when these brethren, including the officers of our Orient, opened the book and browsed through the contents, everyone agreed that this was the book they had also been looking for. They went home pumped up!”
—Submitted by Bro. Manuel Liam C. Garcia, KCCH


Front row (l. to r.): Manuel Liam Garcia, Rene Ramos (Valley Deputy), Paul Arcangel (SGIG), Floren Lumo, Liberato Amparo, Feliciano Inigo II, Lorenzo Camayang. Back Row (l. to r.): Mario Reyes (Valley Supervisor), Michael Bron, Isagani Bella, Felicisimo Ramos Sr., Fortunato Cagas Jr., Rodel Reyes, Jonathan Chua.