Current Interest: Ill. Robert L. Goldsmith Memorial Class

Photo of Goldsmith Memorial Class

Photo: Members of the Ill. Robert L. Goldsmith Memorial Class, the 274th Reunion of the valley of Tampa, Florida.

The Valley of Tampa’s 274th reunion was held May 1 and 8 in memory of Ill. Robert L. Goldsmith, SGIG in the Orient of Florida and Grand Prior of the Supreme Council. Ill. Goldsmith served as the Sovereign Grand Inspector General for twenty years and passed away in January 2010. Seventy-six Master Masons enrolled in the “College of Freemasonry” and became Masters of the Royal Secret during this reunion.

The members of the Valley made a special push to obtain the candidates as a way to honor the memory of Ill. Goldsmith and all that he did for Freemasonry in general and the Scottish Rite in particular.

—Submitted by Rusty Glendenning, 33°