Current Interest: Folger Shakespeare Library Visits the House of the Temple Library

Folger Shakespeare Library group

(Photography: Elizabeth A. W. McCarthy, The Scottish Rite Journal)

On May 9, 2012, seven colleagues from the Folger Shakespeare Library came to visit the Library of the Supreme Council and to take a tour of the building. We had our most impressive books—an original poem written by Robert Burns and an old patent—displayed on the reading room conference table. There was even a book with the title, Shakespeare a Freemason. Shakespeare was not a Freemason, but this book tried to show ways that he might have been, by words he used in his writings. The tour ended with refreshments and pastries served in the Robert Burns Library.

This is what the group thought of their time at the Supreme Council, “On behalf of our group, thank you very much for your hospitality and for the wonderful tour of the library and of the Temple. It is a fascinating building and collection, and I know that I speak for all of us in saying that we enjoyed ourselves immensely … and learned so much in the process.”
—Submitted by Joan Kleinknecht, Librarian, The Supreme Council, 33°