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Main Office

The Supreme Council, 33°

1733 16th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009-3103
Telephone: 202-232-3579
Fax: 202-464-0487

Hours of Operation: 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday-Thursday

Grand Commander’s Office

Ronald A. Seale, Sovereign Grand Commander
Fran Johnson, Executive Assistant, 202-777-3135
Elizabeth Sizemore, Administrative Assistant, 202-777-3160

Grand Executive Director’s Office

Bill Sizemore, Grand Executive Director
Carol Acotto, Administrative Assistant, 202-777-3121
Dana Osterndorf, Administrative Assistant, 202-777-3184
Nikki Robinson, Receptionist, 202-232-3579


Arturo de Hoyos, Grand Archivist and Grand Historian, 202-777-3107

Computer Services

Tammy Fannin, 202-777-3112
Martha Bennett, 202-777-3115


Matt Szramoski, Director of Development, 202-777-3143
Robert Heffelfinger, Development Coordinator, 202-777-3111
Alyssa Weiner, Planned Giving Coordinator, 202-777-3196
Elena Dixon, Special Events Coordinator, 202-777-3187
Don Heath, Major Donor Officer (West Coast), 858-335-2070
Chuck Morgan, Major Donor Officer (Southeast), 225-921-2295


Jorge Franchi, Chief Financial Officer, 202-777-3189
Sandra Mukiri, Accounts Payable, 202-777-3197
Jessica Neri, Accounts Receivable, 202-777-3136

General Counsel

Barbara Golden, General Counsel, 202-777-3163

House of the Temple

Sean Graystone, Superintendent of the House of the Temple, 202-777-3131
Robin Hicks, Associate Building Manager, 202-777-3147


Joshua Aaron Poole, Interim Internship Director, 202–232–3579


Joan O. Kleinknecht, Librarian, 202-777-3139
Larissa Watkins, Assistant Librarian, 202-777-3127

Master Craftsman

Linda Johnson, Membership Manager, 202-777-3110

Media Inquiries

Jason Van Dyke, Assistant Director of Communications and Assistant Director of Education, 202-777-3123

Membership Services

Dean Alban, Director of Membership Services, 202-777-3109
Stan Dodd, Assistant Director, 202-777-3162
Jay Patterson, Program Manager of Membership Services, 202-777-3162

Museum Donations

Arturo de Hoyos, Grand Archivist and Grand Historian, 202-777-3107

Scottish Rite Journal

S. Brent Morris, Managing Editor, 202-777-3152
Elizabeth McCarthy, Creative Director 202-777-3186
Jeri Walker, Media Production Manager, 202-777-3198
Bethany Rowe, Graphic Designer, 202-777-3176

Scottish Rite Research Society

Jason Van Dyke, Assistant Director of Communications and Assistant Director of Education, 202-777-3123 Email:
Nikki Robinson, 202-777-3126

Scottish Rite Store
Telephone orders, 866-445-9196; General inquiries, Elizabeth Sizemore, 202-777-3160

Social Media & Website

Follow us:
Twitter: @TheScottishRite and @MasonicMuseum
Facebook: Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and House of the Temple
Instagram: ScottishRiteSJ and MasonicMuseum

Elizabeth McCarthy, Creative Director