Featured Item: Antique Walking Stick

A Walk on the Wild Side

A full-size image of a wooden walking stick with carvings of animals and plants

While cataloging the House of the Temple’s museum collection, we came across a group of interesting canes. This unique, wooden walking stick with its intricate carvings of twenty-five different animals, one plant, and a random leg with a hoof, probably belonged to Illustrious Allison Nailor, Jr., 33°, whose name is carved toward the cane’s bottom. Ill. Nailor was a life member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Washington, DC. He received his 33° on October 24, 1895; served as Grand Tyler of the Supreme Council, A&ASR, Southern Jurisdiction; and was an Honorary Member of the Supreme Council AASR of Mexico. He also was a member of Almas Shrine in DC, where he served as its treasurer.

This detail of the walking stick shows the name "Allison Nailor" carved into it.  This detail of the walking stick shows a carving of a bird.

This detail of the walking stick shows a camel with "Almas" carved into it.

While we do not know the cane’s exact date, it most likely was made sometime between 1886, when Almas Shrine was founded—note the word “Almas” is carved on the camel—and 1908 when Ill. Nailor died.

—House of the Temple Museum Staff

Photography: Elizabeth A. W. McCarthy

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2018 Scottish Rite Journal, p. 20