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Useful tools used for Masonic Research, furthering your Masonic Education and increasing your knowledge of Freemasonry. If you need additional information or assistance please feel free to contact me at any time. Masonic Library and Museum Association Bookfinder – used and out of print books Masonic Service Association George Washington Masonic Memorial

Online Masonic Books

Masonic Constitutions, and Guides James Anderson, The Constitutions of the Free-Masons (1723) William Smith, The Book M, or Masonry Triumphant (1736) William James Hughan, The Old Charges of British Freemasons (1872) Samuel Lawrence, The Moral Design of Freemasonry: Deduced from the Old Charges of a Freemason (1860) Masonic History Henry Leonard Stillson, ‎William James Hughan , History of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons and Concordant Orders (1890) Robert F. Gould, A Concise History of Freemasonry (1904) R A Berman, The Architects of English Masonry, 1720-1740 (2010) Monitors / Ritual William Preston, Illustrations of Masonry (1775; 2d ed.) [British] Thomas Smith Webb, The Freemason’s Monitor (1808) [American] Jeremy Ladd Cross, The True Masonic Chart: Or Hieroglyphic Monitor (1826) John Dove, The Masonic Text-Book (1854) Philosophy / Symbolism Albert G. Mackey, The Symbolism of Freemasonry (1869) [This work represent the opinion of the ‘romantic school’ of Masonic research.] Walter Leslie Wilmshurst, The Meaning of Masonry (1922) [This work represent the opinion of the ‘romantic school’ of Masonic research.] Roscoe Pound, Lectures on the Philosophy of Freemasonry (1915) Carl H. Claudy, Introduction to Freemasonry—Master Mason