Scottish Rite Sponsored Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

If you are age 65 or over and covered by Parts A and B of Medicare, you are eligible to apply for the Scottish Rite Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. Medicare does not pay all doctor’s and hospital bills. This coverage dovetails with your Medicare coverage and complies with the new Federal requirements for Medigap policies. For information call 800-247-1771.

Scottish Rite Sponsored Long Term Care Insurance Plan

Confinement in a nursing home could deplete a person’s lifetime savings. Best of all, the Scottish Rite sponsored plan also pays for at home long term care when appropriate. You choose the daily benefit that best fits you needs based upon the local cost of this care. It is best to find out if you qualify for a long term care policy medically while you are younger and can meet the health history requirements for this type of coverage. For information, call 800-336-3316.

Scottish Rite Sponsored Group Cancer Expense Plan

This plan is available to you and your spouse regardless of age. It is designed as a supplemental plan to pay benefits directly to you, not the doctor or a hospital. With cancer there can be many expenses not covered by regular health insurance or Medicare. The extra benefits can be used for anything… for meals, travel expenses, and hotel bills away from home while attending a cancer clinic, for living expenses while being away from the job and other “non-medical” type expenses having a cancer can generate. You spend your extra benefits as you see fit. For information call 800-336-3316.

Scottish Rite Sponsored Group Term Life Insurance Plan

Term life insurance is pure life insurance that gives the greatest amount of coverage for the premium dollar. Scottish Rite members are guaranteed up to $25,000 coverage without a medical exam or single health question. And the coverage is portable. It doesn’t lapse when you leave the job and lose your regular company group life insurance coverage. Members age 45 through 75 are eligible for this coverage. Unlike most other term insurance plans, you can keep your coverage for your lifetime. Benefits are frequently used to help pay for final expenses. For information call 800-749-6983.