Graphics Requests

Jewel of the Scottish Rite, SJ, 25th Degree Many images are available from the House of the Temple in both black & white and color. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Square & Compasses emblem
  • 32° and 33° Scottish Rite Eagle (Southern Jurisdiction, USA)
  • Scottish Rite Degree jewels
  • RiteCare Scottish Rite Childhood Language Program (SRCLP) logo
  • House of the Temple logo
Depending on the terms of use and type of image, some of the graphics are available free, and some will require a fee. To request graphics, please send an e-mail to, with the following information:
  • Your name/Contact Information/Valley & Orient information (if applicable)
  • Description of image(s)
  • Color or black & white
  • Image Format (.jpg, .tif, .eps, .ai, .bmp, etc.)
  • Preferred method of transfer (via e-mail, FTP, CD, etc.)
  • Statement of how the image(s) will be used
*Please limit your request to no more than five images.* We will do our best to respond quickly to requests for artwork, but please allow time for processing. Thank you.

House of the Temple / Scottish Rite Photos

To request architectural photographs of both the exterior and interior of the House of the Temple and/or archival photos, please contact Ill. Arturo de Hoyos, 33°, Grand Archivist and Grand Historian, at