Burl Ives Museum

For many decades, Ill. Burl Icle Ives, 33°, Grand Cross, an award-winning singer and actor, touched the hearts of young and old. Beginning his performance career at the age of four, Ill. Ives spent his entire life bringing joy to those around him through both his artistic talent and his kindness. Although most of the world knew him as an entertainer, his membership in Masonry meant a great deal to him, and he constantly devoted himself to numerous charities.

With the help of many generous donations from his wife, Dorothy Ives, and daughter, Barbara Vaughan, the Supreme Council has created a glowing tribute to Brother Burl’s life and work. The room housing the Burl Ives Collection was dedicated during the 1997 Biennial Session. The displays are designed to walk the visitor through the different stages of Brother Burl’s life, beginning with his childhood, passing through his performance career, and ending with his Masonic accomplishments. Included in the impressive display are a collection of record album covers, family photographs, and personal effects as well as different honors and awards Ill. Ives received both as an entertainer and as a Mason. The collection displays, for instance, the Grand Cross jewel he received in October 1993. Of his Masonic awards, it was an honor his wife says meant the most to him. A series of audio clips and color slides of this outstanding Scottish Rite Mason’s unforgettable music and career accompany visitors throughout their viewing of the Burl Ives Collection.