Planned Gifts

Planned gifts, also known as legacy gifts, are the result of financial planning often involving a future estate. These gifts include bequests in wills, trusts, life insurance, personal property, and annuities. Planned gifts allow you to manage your estate more efficiently while offering you the opportunity to provide for a beneficiary and give to a charitable cause.

A planned gift can benefit both you and Scottish Rite charities. Our philanthropic endeavors include the RiteCare Scottish Rite Childhood Language Program (SRCLP), disaster relief, scholarship programs, and the historic preservation and enhancement of the House of the Temple, including its museums and libraries.

By making a planned gift to the Scottish Rite Foundation, SJ, USA, Inc., the House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc., or your local Scottish Rite foundation we will honor you as a member of the Scottish Rite’s Intendant of the Building Society. As a member you will receive a certificate, a lapel pin, a necktie for brothers and a scarf for their spouse, and all the special privileges provided to Society members.

For more information on these giving opportunities, contact Matthew Szramoski, Director of Development, at or 202–777–3143.

Details on Planned Gifts: