Donate Your Vehicle

Convert Your Unwanted Vehicle to Cash!

With the help of AutoWranglers, you can now support the Rebuilding the Temple Campaign!

If you have a car, boat, tractor, plane, motorcycle, or any other vehicle with an engine and wheels that you no longer want, AutoWranglers can purchase it from you at an agreed upon price and you can direct them to donate all or a portion of the sales proceeds to the House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc. PLUS our foundation will donate a portion of the sales proceeds it receives from you to a Scottish Rite philanthropy in your Orient, as directed by your S.G.I.G./Deputy.

Not only will AutoWranglers save you from the hassle of advertising and arranging the sale of your unwanted vehicle, but you will be able to support the Rebuilding the Temple Campaign and your Orient with great ease. AutoWranglers will even pick the vehicle up from its current location free of charge.

To get started and get a price quote on your vehicle or if you have questions about the program, you can contact AutoWranglers at 1–855–663–3662 or visit their website

You can also contact the Development Office of the Supreme Council by email at