Celebrating the Craft 2016 Highlights: Performances

We are pleased to present the performances from the 2016 Celebrating the Craft (CTC) in the order in which they appeared on Saturday, May 21, 2016. You also can check out the entire show here.

Having trouble seeing the videos below? Please click the linked text to go directly to Vimeo to view the performances.

Fellowcraft (JR MacDonald, MM, Brian Nelson-Palmer, 32°, & Brandon Williams), “Dying of the Light

Allen Smith, 32° “Take It Easy”

Paul Thompson, KCCH “Begin the Beguine”

Edwin Josey, 32° “Wayfaring Stranger”

Bony Lovy (Oscar M. Paz, 32°) “Desde Que La Vi”

Michael Gatti, 32° & Stephanie Gatti, “Little Bit of You”

Casey Stanislaw, 32° “Give a Little Bit”

Frank Raines, KCCH, “American Trilogy”

Sweet Idiot (Lee E. Kielblock, KCCH, & Terrance M. Schaffer), “Who’s On First?”

John Walter Sayne, 32°, “Let It Be”

Flavio Apro, 32° “Austurias”

Cowboys of Kintyre (Casey Stanislaw, 32°; Kermit Brock, 32°; Jerry A. Casey, 32°; Bill Herridge, KCCH; & Greg McEwen, 33°), “Mull of Kintyre”

Fellowcraft (JR MacDonald, MM; Brian Nelson-Palmer, 32°; & Brandon Williams), “Glass House”

Brent Reichow, KCCH, “Music of the Night”

Frank Raines, KCCH, “Comeback Medley”

Edwin Josey, 32° “Working Man’s Blues”

Jason Charles Miller, 32°, “The Line”

Joshua Aaron Poole, 32°, “For Once in My Life”

Flavio Apro, 32°, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Desmond Blair, 32°, “Original Art Time Lapse”

Fellowcraft (JR MacDonald, MM; Brian Nelson-Palmer, 32°; & Brandon Williams), “West Texas Blues”

Allen Smith, 32° “My Girl”

Paul Thompson, KCCH, “If I Ruled the World”

Frank Raines, KCCH, “How Great Thou Art”

S. Brent Morris, 33°, GC, “Magic Moment”

Bony Lovy (Oscar M. Paz, 32°), “Que No Que Na”

Michael Gatti, 32°, & Stephanie Gatti, “Summertime”

Casey Stanislaw, 32°, “Long Cool Woman”

Joshua Aaron Poole, 32°, “Ain’t that a Kick in the Head”

Jason Charles Miller, 32°, “In the Dark”

Full Cast, “Fly/Reach Finale”