Shepheard’s Tavern Doorknocker

This brass doorknocker, now mounted on the Executive Chamber’s door, originally graced that of the Supreme Council chamber at Shepheard’s Tavern—the birthplace of the Scottish Rite. On May 31, 1801, the Supreme Council, 33°, convened for the first time at that tavern, located at the corner of Church and Broad Streets in Charleston, SC.

Illustrious Frederick Webber, 33°, Secretary-General (1886–1907) and SGIG in Kentucky (1859–1907), originally gave the brass doorknocker to Philip Schuyler Malcolm, 33°, SGIG in Oregon (1911–29). Ill. Malcom later donated it to the House of the Temple on Dec. 28, 1915, shortly after the building’s grand opening.