Executive Chamber

The Executive Chamber is a smaller version of the Temple Room. The main difference is there are only 33 seats in this room because it acts as a boardroom for the Supreme Council. This is where the Council will meet every two years to work and discuss the business of the organization and the plan going forward. The walls are plaster and currently painted to resemble marble. The walls have been repainted multiple times in the last 100 years, but it has looked this way since the mid 80s. We do have one panel that does not match, which is blue instead of purple. After the room was redone a pipe broke behind the blue panel destroying it. When it was repaired the panel was painted to match but the colors have faded in a different way and it is now very noticeable.

The ceiling is original and the center was originally a skylight. The skylight was covered over in the 1950s, but its original design remains.

If you look closely on the top of the chairs you’ll notice a 1915 acoustic system built into the furniture. It no longer functions, but it is a great example of the innovation that went into the building of the Temple. It is also installed up in the Temple Room on the sides of the desks.

In the display case we have a ceremonial sword and scepter. The Grand Sword bearer carries the sword and the Master of Ceremonies carries the scepter. Both are members of the Supreme Council.