Episode 6: The Techno-Mason (part 1)

It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people.  It took Television 14 years to accomplish the same.  The internet did it in just 4.

We are moving faster today than ever before.  And Freemasonry may seem like an anachronism in a world that thrusts forward in ever increasing spasms of technological progress.  But here we are, almost three hundred years old and still going. 

Here’s the kicker, though – In a fraternal tradition that specifically bans innovation in its ritual and practice – the ways in which members from around the world meet, communicate and bond has changed so much over just the past 50 years – it would seem like magic to our brethren of the past.

So this month we present you with a story so big, we had to split it up into parts.  First, I talk to Eric Diamond in Chicago about Freemasonry and design – how he uses technology for his Lodge, and what advice he has for others looking to integrate tech into their Lodge lives.

Then, next time, I talk again to John Liley, the past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Utah, and how he has leveraged tech to help grow his Grand Lodge smarter and more responsibly.

Two big thinkers in Masonry – two big episodes.  Hold your iPhone close, and grab a comfortable seat – this is the Life Masonic.