Episode 2: Youth

On today’s show we highlight one of the most discussed topics in Lodge rooms and chat rooms around the world – youth in Freemasonry. 

I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little apprehensive of this subject because I don’t know if there’s anything new or interesting left to say on this subject.  But with this show’s guest, there just isn’t any way around it.  He’s young, he’s a Mason, and he’s a leader in every sense of the word.

But first, let’s get some perspective.  I talked to Dean Alban, the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction’s Director of Membership Services about what he sees in terms of membership and the effect of an influx of youth on it. He also shares a story about a recent experience he’s had with a young Mason and how even though he is a very unique individual, the reasons he became a Mason are anything but.