Notes from The Northern Light: January-February 2010

TNL Reaches Milestone

In January 1970, Ill. George E. Burow, 33°, said of his new magazine, “We pledge to you, our Scottish Rite Brothers, the very best of our abilities in bringing you the best publication possible, one in which you can take justifiable pride.” With those words he christened The Northern Light as a window on Freemasonry.
Now, 177 issues and two editors later the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction’s chief publication reaches 40 years old. To commemorate the event special features will be presented throughout 2010 and Volume 41.

The Sovereign Grand Commander, at the time, George A. Newbury, 33°, hoped the new venture would provide “an indispensable service as a news medium with information on Masonic happenings, a source of inspirational material from the pens of great Masons of today and yesterday, and as a means of stirring the initiative of present and future officers.”

The editorial staff of 2010 still aspires to those ideals and purposes.

Scottish Rite Day a Huge Success

A year ago Sovereign Grand Commander John Wm. McNaughton declared Saturday, November 14, as Scottish Rite Day in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. It was a date set aside for all members to celebrate their membership with camaraderie with their Brothers.

In his announcement he said “In keeping with the watchwords of our ‘hedgehog concept,’ the event will be inspirational, convenient, and enjoyable.” The day proved to be just that as Brethren met for two degrees only and then dined together.

The Consistories throughout the Jurisdiction opened at 10:00 a.m. and presented the 31° and 32°. A lunch followed which, by order of the Grand Commander, “included no speeches.”

Annual Meeting Highlights

The Supreme Council held its annual session in Boston, this year, where new officers were elected. Ill. Walter F. Wheeler, 33°, of Michigan; Ill. William R. Stevens Jr, 33°, of Delaware; Ill. Stephen R. Whittaker, 33°, of New York, and Ill. Donald G. Duquette, 33°, of Vermont, were installed as new Active Members.

Ill. David R. Bedwell, 33°, was chosen as the new Deputy for Michigan, replacing the retiring Ill. Erwin W. O’Dell, 33°.

New Bodies

The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction continues to grow. Following last year’s creation of a new Valley — Lower Delaware — this year two additional bodies were added. In Lower Delaware a charter was granted for a Council of Princes of Jerusalem, while the brand new Valley of Aroostook in Maine was formed with the creation of the Polaris Lodge of Perfection.

Life Memberships

For only the second time in history the Sovereign Grand Commanders of the Northern Masonic and Southern Jurisdictions took the stage together with the Grand Commanders of the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions, Prince Hall. At the Annual Meeting in Boston, Sovereign Grand Commander John Wm. McNaughton granted life membership status to Ill. Ronald A. Seale, 33°, of the Southern Jurisdiction; Ill. Solomon Wallace, 33°, of the Northern Jurisdiction, Prince Hall, and Ill. Deary Vaughn, 33°, of the Southern Jurisdiction, Prince Hall.