Investing in the Future: Rebuilding the Temple—One Dollar at a Time!

Donor levels

Earl Ihle, 33°, Grand Cross, Director of Development, and Matthew T. Szramoski, 33° Associate Director of Development

Excitement is growing in our Rebuilding the Temple Campaign as brethren look for opportunities to support restoring and enhancing the House of the Temple. Cash gifts are essential to the success of the campaign. The work being done on the Temple is being completed as funds are received. While planned gifts such as trusts, bequests, and charitable gift annuities will and do play a major role in supporting the campaign, we must also maintain a steady stream of cash income to pay for the projects as they are undertaken.
Why cash? Because . . .
C A S H = Cash Assures Success Handily
Cash gifts can be made in a variety of ways:

  • Making a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge. Pledges are a commitment given over a period of time and are often more beneficial to all. Giving over time affords the donor an opportunity to give beyond the level of a onetime cash gift.
  • Donating through the Scottish Rite web site at
  • Donating real estate, bonds or stocks that can be sold with the proceeds benefiting the campaign
  • Donating art work or other valuable items which could be auctioned
  • Attending a Scottish Rite Friends Dinner. One third of the funds raised at these events supports the House of the Temple. For more information on this program visit the web

One of the major factors affecting the cost of the campaign is the length of time involved to complete the various aspects of the plan. Inflation will continue to increase the price of building materials and labor so it is essential that we raise a significant amount of funding through cash gifts. Every dollar you donate will be used to address immediate needs at the House of the Temple, such as eliminating water penetration, mechanical and HVAC improvements, and much, much more.

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing you have played a key role in assisting in Rebuilding the Temple, cash gifts are tax deductible! If you itemize your deductions on your personal federal income tax return, you may take a charitable gift deduction for the amount of your charitable gift of cash and cash equivalents (certificates of deposit, savings bonds, money market fund, etc.) to the extent permitted by law. If you can’t take the entire deduction in the first year because of federal tax limitations, you may carry the balance forward into the next five years.

To discuss making a pledge, donating real estate, stocks, bonds, art work, or some other type of cash gift, please contact the Development Office staff: Barbara Golden, OES, Capital Campaign Consultant, 202-777-3163, [email protected]; Earl Ihle, 33°, Grand Cross, Director of Development, at 1-866-448-3773, [email protected]; Matt Szramoski, 33°, Associate Director of Development, at 1-866-748-3227, [email protected]; or Jeri Walker, Development Coordinator, at 202-777-3198, [email protected]. You may also visit us online at

The Rebuilding the Temple Campaign is an effort that is part of the House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc., which is a non-profit Virginia corporation recognized as a tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Its tax identification number is 52-1664576. Contributions to the House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc. for the Rebuilding the Temple Campaign are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.