Current Interest: West Virginia State Historical Society Supports Scottish Rite Temple Renovation

On Friday, July 22, 2011, in the Great Hall of the Science and Cultural Center on the Campus of the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston, the West Virginia State Historical Society presented a $68,000 check to Dr. Joseph W. Myers, 32°, of the Valley of Wheeling, W.V., for half of the installation of a new roof for the Wheeling Scottish Rite Cathedral. In attendance were Ill. C. B. Hall. 33°, SGIG Emeritus, Ill. H. Jack Yost, 33°, Deputy for West Virginia (now SGIG), Ill. Jim J. Crawford, Sr., 33°, Personal Representative, Valley of Charleston, W.V., Ill. Gary J. Frame, 33°, Charleston General Secretary, and Bro. Joshua Cain, 32°.

The preservation of Scottish Rite buildings—whether the House of the Temple or a local Valley’s temple—is vitally important not only to our members but also to the local history of our Valleys. As part of the process of preservation, many Valleys have placed their buildings on the National Historic register and have started 501(c)(3) foundations to help preserve their temples.

­—Submitted by H. Jack Yost, 33°, SGIG in West Virginia