Current Interest: The Tree of Life Seminar Series: A Unique Learning Experience

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The Valley of Washington, DC, and the DC College, Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (Masonic Rosicrucians) are sponsoring an eight-session open, virtual, workshop, “The Tree of Life Seminar Series.” The first two sessions were held on March 25 and April 22, but the remaining six will be held between May 20 and November 11.

Seminars will be on “The Tree of Life” and the evolution of enlightenment from the vantage point of Kabbalah, Yoga, Sufism, Buddhism, Science, Esoteric Christianity, and Freemasonry. Proceeds from the seminar program are tax-deductible and will benefit the Scottish Rite Language Disorders Clinic. Seminar presentation will be 60 minutes, with 30 to 60 minutes for Q&A with the speaker and panel. The participants may join the workshop either on the phone or in person. Virtual participants will be limited to 100.

Students will have the opportunity to learn how the different mystical traditions view the spiritual path to enlightenment. These hand-picked spiritual luminaries will address the question: How do traditional spiritual paths serve the needs of humanity in the 21st century? The great wisdom traditions emerged at a time when life was radically different than it is today. The world has changed immeasurably in the past two thousand years, and human beings have changed along with it. We live a global existence, and it is more important than ever that we promote understanding between the various traditions. Science also has entered into the equation and has become a predominate influence in the search for enlightenment. The new humanity faces a new set of challenges—and a new set of opportunities.

Seminar topics are: “Kabbalah,” Dr. Darryl Carter; “Sufism,” Dr. Julianne Hazen, Director of Sufi Studies, Sufi Center, Medina, NY; “Vedanta Yoga,” MW George R. Adams 33°, Grand Cross, JD, MBA; “Science,” Dr. Pierre Gaujard, 33°, Physicist; “Buddhism,” Ven. Bhante Katugastota Uparatana, Buddhist Chaplain American University; “Esoteric Christianity,” Bro. Marcel J. Desroches, Jr., KCCH, Rosicrucian; “Taoism,” Dr. Darryl Carter; and “Freemasonry,” MW George R. Adams, 33°, Grand Cross, JD, MBA.

This event is open to everyone interested in the subject. There is no requirement for Masonic or Scottish Rite affiliation. For information on attending this seminar (in person or virtually), visit