Current Interest: Masonic Information Center Twain Award Winners for 2009

“What is a man without energy? Nothing. Nothing at all.”—Mark Twain

Three years ago, the Masonic Information Center created the Mark Twain Award, to “recognize Lodge leadership for asserting a uniquely Masonic identity both within the Lodge and throughout the community that is consistent with the Fraternity’s historic focus on education, self-improvement, good works, and fellowship.” It’s the only national Masonic award of its kind, and it represents achievement at the local lodge level. Lodges that win the Twain award are working hard to make their individual lodge just that—individual. These lodges have found ways to make themselves unique, distinctive, educational, vital to their members, and a part of the community in which they reside.

The Masonic Information Center is a committee recognized by the Conference of Grand Masters in North America, and the Twain Award winners were announced at the Conference in Arlington, Virginia, in February. For more information, visit

Congratulations to the 2009 Twain Award winners:
Helion Lodge No. 1, Huntsville, Alabama
Oasis Lodge No. 52, Tucson, Arizona
Moreno Valley Lodge No. 804, Moreno Valley, California
Golden City Lodge No. 1, Golden, Colorado
Enlightenment Lodge No. 198, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Gate City Lodge No. 2, Atlanta, Georgia
Roswell Lodge No. 165, Roswell, Georgia
Nelms Lodge No. 323, Smyrna, Georgia
Barker Lodge No. 129, West Point, Kentucky
Bewleyville Lodge No. 228, Bewleyville, Kentucky
Baalis Sanford Lodge, Brockton, Massachusetts
Liverpool Syracuse Lodge No. 501, Liverpool, New York
Forest City Lodge No. 388, Lyndhurst, Ohio
Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Bremerton Lodge No. 117, Bremerton, Washington
Daylight Lodge No. 232, Seattle, Washington
Lynden Lodge No. 56, Ferndale, Washington
Waverly Lodge No. 51, Appleton, Wisconsin